The Psycho Motor Aspects of Judokas

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Описание товара

In The modern sports scenario the sports psychology plays an important role to be a successful player. The psychological Aspects of sports provides a vast area to the new generation researcher''s for research and make them able to set-up some concrete yardstick which propels, the player''s performance to higher extent. This research work emphasis upon the psycho-motor abilities of judo players. It laid emphasis on the relation of selected psycho-motor abilities with better performance... посмотреть полное описание о The Psycho Motor Aspects of Judokas

Характеристики The Psycho Motor Aspects of Judokas

Автор:Amandeep Singh and Sandeep Heer
Год выпуска:2014
Язык издания:Английский
Высота упаковки:1
Количество страниц:104
Глубина упаковки:1
Автор на обложке:Amandeep Singh and Sandeep Heer
Издательство:LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Ширина упаковки:1
Кол-во страниц:104

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