Merckx: Half Man, Half Bike

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The first ever English-language biography of Eddy Merckx, the greatest cyclist of all time, by William Fotheringham, Britain''s top cycling writer. Eddy Merckx is to cycling what Muhammad Ali is to boxing or Pele to football; quite simply, the best there has ever been. Throughout his professional career Merckx amassed an astonishing 445 victories. Lance Armstrong, by comparison, has managed fewer than 100. For Britain''s leading cycling writer, William Fotheringham, the burning question.. посмотреть полное описание о Merckx: Half Man, Half Bike


Год выпуска:2012
Ширина упаковки:0
Автор (author):William Fotheringham
Год (year):2012
Высота упаковки:0
Возраст (age):18+
Язык (Language):Английский
Автор на обложке:William Fotheringham
Штрихкод (barcode):9780224074483
Sales_notes:Быстрая доставка по России. 20 способов оплаты
Глубина упаковки:0
Кол-во страниц (Page_extent):320

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